Your Way of the Cross

Your way of the cross: A guided reflection for Good Friday

I want to take you on a journey. A journey with Christ.

We all have a cross, it is something we hear all the time. But I want you to look deeper. What is that cross that you keep hidden? What is that cross that you are most afraid of or ashamed of? Are you willing to pick it up, this one time, and walk with Christ, as He carries His?

You place your hand around the wood. What does it feel like? Maybe it is hard and dense. Maybe it is rough with jagged edges. Hesitation builds in your heart as you think about how heavy this cross may feel on your shoulders. Maybe you are even questioning if you can even lift it up. You look to your side and you see Jesus' reassuring face. "It's ok, I am here with you. We will carry this together."

The weight of your cross seems somewhat bearable at first. But with each step, it gets heavier and heavier. You fall under its weight. Jesus is also on the ground beside you. "Get up with me my beloved. I will give you strength."

You get up and keep walking. Along this path, you meet different people. Maybe it's your parents who have been praying for you this whole time. Maybe it's a friend, spouse or child who went out of their way to help you carry this cross, or to wipe your face from the sweat, tears, and blood. All the people that God places on your path, he places them there for a reason.

As you continue to walk to fall again a second time. Then a third time. With each fall you feel the weight of the cross gets heavier. With each fall you are worried that this time it will completely crush you. Each time Jesus looks at you with that same reassuring look and says, "Get up with me my beloved. I will give you the strength."

You are at the end of your journey. The very top. The climax of this moment is the most painful for you. It will require the most vulnerability. The garments you have, get torn off. Maybe it is your innocence that was taken from you. Maybe it is trust that was broken. Maybe it is abuse or hurt that someone caused, leaving you totally vulnerable and hopeless in that moment.

You want to hide so badly right now. Jesus comes beside you again and reminds you, "You are the sum of my Father's love for you, not your mistakes or the hurts that you felt. You are still my beloved."

In this moment right now, I want you to look up and find a crucifix in your home. Hold it or just allow yourself to look at it. Look at the face of the man who not just told you, but SHOWED you that you are worth dying for. You are his beloved.

Now take your own cross again, the one that pained you so much this entire time. Right now, in this moment you can make a choice. Will you let the hurt and shame of this cross continue to weigh you down? Or will you bring it to this mountain and let the past, the hurt, the lies, the pain, and the suffering die with Jesus...so that He can REDEEM it through His resurrection?

I know it is scary. I know it is hard. Jesus looks at you again from His cross and says, "Let me have it. Let me take this hurt. Let me take this pain. And let me transform and redeem it, so that you may become renewed. You are my beloved. It is for you that I die for on this cross...because this is how much I love you."

My dear sister, if Christ had to go through all the suffering and pain He encountered on the way of the cross all the way till death again...if He had to go through it all just for you...He would do it in a heartbeat with no hesitation.

This is how much He loves you.

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