Your Peace

For Advent this year, I decided to do a book study with my husband and read "Searching for and maintaining peace" by Fr. Jacque Philippe. We were reading one section yesterday and the title instantly struck me. "Any reason that makes you lose your peace is always a bad reason." It really made me think about how easily do I lose my peace sometimes. Sometimes it's as easy as traffic on the road, or a person who bumped into me, or a co-worker that woke up in a horrible mood and is just taking it out on me. In all honesty...those are not huge things. And it really made me realize how much I am taking away from the important things in my life. Every time I come home having lost my peace it takes away from the joy of the present moment with the ones I love. I end up putting my focus on everything else that keeps putting me into a hole of despair and I don't notice the beauty that is right in front of me. What is making you lose your peace today? Call it out and don't give it the power to take away the beauty of the present moment. Walking Together, Sandra

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