Your Gifts

Do you know how unique you are? No...but actually...do you really know? Take in this fact with me for a moment: You are SO unique, to the point that there never was nor will there ever be anyone exactly like you EVER in the past and future history of this world! That is...pretty crazy if you ask me. But that is the truth about your incredible uniqueness! You are the only YOU that exists and ever will exist. Makes you really think that there must be a reason why you are here in this particular time and not 50 years ago. The beauty of that realization is....there IS a reason! There IS a purpose! But granted, it's not the easiest to discover and find. So where can we even start? Your gifts! Your uniqueness comes with a unique set of gifts, talents and natural characteristics. There are things that just come naturally to you. Maybe you are good at art, maybe you have an ear for creating beautiful music, maybe you know how to make people laugh, maybe you are the go to person for advice, maybe you are very understanding and patient, maybe you are able to bring reason into every situation. Today, I would like to pose a challenge! Write down three gifts, talents or skills that you have. Then bring those to Our Lord in prayer and ask "God, how do you want me to use these gifts to serve?" Walking Together, Sandra

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