You never know how powerful and life-changing your prayer may be for that person.

Today we celebrate All Soul's Day in the Church. It is a special day when we remember all those who have departed from this world and are being purified, awaiting their time to become fully united with God in Heaven.

When my husband and I were still dating he arranged a date night on All Saint's Day. He told me there was something he has been wanting to do for a while now and wanted to share that moment with me. So he picked me up after my class and we drove to a Catholic Cemetery. To make matters even more difficult...it was cold and started to rain! But he was still determined!

He took out 5 candles from his trunk and said that he wanted to light them at 5 random graves and pray a decade at each one. At first I thought it was a really beautiful idea, but I completely underestimated how powerful this experience would be.

We took turns and just allowed to Holy Spirit to help us choose which soul needed our prayers the most today. Sometimes we would be pulled to a grave of someone who died recently and other times to was someone who has been dead for decades now! When we stood at one grave I noticed the date and realized that it is very possible that the closest family this person might have right now could be great or even great great grand children. The grave stone was grown over my moss and it looked like there haven't been visitors here for a while now.

It really brought to perspective the reality of souls who may have been forgotten. What if this one prayer was all they needed to become fully united with God in Heaven?

Since then we have decided to make it a family tradition on All Saint's Day, similar to how it is celebrated in my home country in Poland, and drive up to a cemetery with 5 candles to light on 5 graves and pray for those souls.

If you are able to take your family today and visit a cemetery close to home to light a candle on even one grave. Or light a candle in your home and take a moment to pray for those souls that have now become forgotten. You never know how powerful and life changing your prayer may be for that person.

Walking Together,

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