You Matter!

I was talking to this one young girl at a retreat recently who came up to me after my talk and asked me, "Do you really believe that we have a purpose? Don't you think that if we don't do it that someone will just step in and finish it for us? Sort of like if I don't get a chance to do the dishes, someone in the house will end up doing them." After talking some more with her I asked her the question, "Do you believe that you can be replaced?" My heart broke when she answered "Yes". This poor girl honestly believed that she was just another pawn on the chessboard, and if she can't do her job then there will always be someone else who will step in and finish it. The sad part is...I know she is not the only one who feels this way. How many times have we felt that fear that we can just be replaced, that we are no different than anyone else? I'll bet all of us have had those thoughts at least once in our lives. But I am also willing to bet that some of us still secretly believe that. When it comes to words like "I matter, I am needed, I am enough, I am unique, I am irreplaceable", they become easy for us to repeat and say, but much harder for us to genuinely believe them. What is holding you back from believing that you cannot be replaced? From believing that you matter? I also ask if you ladies could offer up a quick prayer for that young girl, and for all the young women who struggle with those same thoughts and fears today! Walking Together, Sandra

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