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Updated: Mar 25, 2019


The more healing I experience, and the more death becomes a reality, the more aware I am of my desire to have deeper relationships and truly value the people in my life. How can I do that though if I don’t make time for them? Over the past while all of the following questions have crossed my mind..

If you only had a few months left with your family, what would you do? How would your time look?

If you’ve already been in this situation, what changed knowing that time is limited?

Why do we wait for something serious to happen before we start valuing our time with people? Why do we have to wait for someone to reach out in desperation for us to make time for them? Let’s be real... are we actually that busy? The things that we’re ‘busy’ with, are they really that important? If they take us away from loving, isn’t there a problem? Does the way in which we spend our time bring us closer to Christ and thus everyone else around us?

Of course we have responsibilities in life, but they shouldn’t constantly be taking us away from spending QUALITY TIME with others. May we not wait to “have time” for the ones that we love. May we learn to MAKE TIME and value each moment as if it were the last.

Take some time today to speak with someone you care about and haven’t actually sat with for a while: mom, dad, brother, sister, daughter, son, husband, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, family friend, boyfriend, husband, fiance, cousin, best friend, friend...

Note to self: you have time.

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