You deserve to be tended to, girl!

How do you take care of yourself? Comment below! Ideas are always helpful!

How many of us will go out of our way to ensure that everyone else has what they need while totally neglecting ourselves?

We feel bad for taking care of ourselves and communicating our needs to others, but low-key hope that somehow our desires will be met. We push through what pains us deeply, counting on a miracle of a change that will suddenly make us happier. Miracles do happen, but that doesn't mean we use that as an excuse to not put in the work. St. Augustine phrased it best by telling us that we ought to "pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you". In other words, in addition to prayer, we need to put in the effort, and by "need" I mean that our bodies and our minds require our loving care in order to function at their prime.

Taking care of yourself can look like:

- finding a spiritual director

- seeing a therapist

- going to weekly adoration

- attending massage therapy

- disconnecting from social media once a week

- working out for twenty minutes a day

- finally taking that course you've been eyeing

- starting the online company you've almost let go of

- learning how to say 'no' in little ways so you can develop the courage to say it in bigger ways

- going for that check-up that you put off so that you know where your body is at

- treating yourself to something new

We may think that self-care is vain and opposes itself to a life of service however, this is not true because if we don't receive what is there to give? Furthermore, it's important to know that virtues and vices aren't on opposite ends of the spectrum, but rather virtue is in the middle of a spectrum with two extremes (two vices) are on each end.

So, we learn to steer away from self-centeredness and also away from self-neglect, to find the virtuous middle ground where we tend to ourselves and we can more fully tend to others as a result.

You deserve to be tended to, girl!

Go get yourself some balance!

With love,

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