You are deserving

"…. If it's not, you deserve better"

And yes, you deserve this, as do I, and all other human beings. We are made for life-affirming human connection, with people who remind us of our value and bring out the very best in us.

Obviously not every encounter will be uplifting and empowering so it's crucial for us to be primarily grounded in the Love that is never shaken; the Love that never changes; the very Love that chose to place us here on earth. When we depend too much on others to know that we are worthy, we place our stability in human behavior, which is bound to disappoint at some point, in even the healthiest of circumstances, because human beings are flawed (just like you and I, by the way). This becomes particularly dangerous if we are constantly treated poorly, while not knowing our worth, as we may internalize this disrespectful treatment as "normal" and a sign of our insignificance, which is as far from the truth as can be.

If you have lost track of how important you are to your Creator, even just a little, go back to what He says about you. Take these words on as truth and spend time with people who help affirm these words in you. When those people are not around to remind you of who you really are, learn to remind yourself of all the wonderful things Your Heavenly Father says of you. Start noticing the situations that have you questioning your worth and let go of whatever is not serving you, such as destructive thinking patterns, social media accounts that leave you feeling inadequate, or people who, you've discerned, are toxic in your life.

All in all, love is a gift that moves from one to another, and if we are to be part of love, we need to have something to give. Human resources always run out of stock so let us not lose sight of Christ - the endless Source of love, the Way of love, and the Reason to love. He sets the standards, He sets the pace and He sets the destination, all we do is learn to say yes. We learn to cooperate with His grace, as we become more receptive to His voice. Although this is all simple in description, it is not at all easy in practice (otherwise we'd all be doing it) and that is one of the big reasons as to why we need each other. Sometimes we need each other more than in other times, and that's okay.

Know that every part of this post, and my other posts, is as much written for you as it is for me. We both need each other and, although I am the one writing, this does not change our status as equals

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