Worth the Rush?

I was going through my readings for one of my courses and I was struck by this one quote. "All this hectic hurry is the result of one missing element: we have lost the desire to stop-look-listen to our life, and with that desire we have lost the ability." (George Freemesser) He goes on to list all the different ways that we hurry in our lives. We hurry to grow up, we hurry to get tasks done, we hurry to retire, we hurry to get into relationships, we hurry to become educated...and that is just scraping the surface. After the hurry is over the comment I hear most often is "wow, time really flies!" But do we even remember any moment in that hurry, or is it just a blur to us? I feel we have this misconception of what it means to stop and be present. It's almost as if we believe that unless we are being productive then nothing is actually happening. Believe me, I am so guilty of this too. This was a reason why I struggled so much with dedicating more time for prayer. I felt like I was not being productive and I was just "wasting time", for lack of better words, instead of being productive in finishing my tasks. My sisters, we have forgotten what it means to be present and to desire. We have lost the ability to be in the moment, to embrace every ounce of it. We rush through it because we are more focused on the finish line instead of the actual journey itself. Because of that we enter into this never ending cycle of hurry and anxiety and we end up being less productive and lose peace in our hearts. Is it worth it? Is it worth the rush? I've been realizing a lot more how much I miss because of my hurry. I look back at so many parts of my life that I was so eager to get through that I barley even remember anything from them. It's almost as if I have missing pieces in my life because I wasn't fully there. Times flies, yes, but moments can last forever if we take the time to be present, to stop-look-listen. Walking Together, Sandra

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