"Worth it"

Have you ever felt too scared to commit to a dream because you feared that it wouldn't work out and that you would have wasted your time? This is what I feel about my current choice of schooling even though when I first came across the program, I was sure that it was the one. Now, after having completed a few courses, I am left uncertain.

It's hard to pin-point whether I was not prepared for that amount of effort or whether this simply isn't the path for me. However, I do know that I haven't fully committed myself to the program, in large part due to my concerns over whether or not all of the invested time will be "worth it". Add anxiety, and other life circumstances into the picture and it becomes very difficult to navigate choices.

When we live like this, all we are left with is a bunch of maybes and what-ifs. We may want to make something happen but we're terrified of giving it all of the energy that it needs. It's no surprise then when we wound up feeling stuck. This is not helpful for our discernment.

Thankfully, I was given very gentle and honest advice from a family friend. After sharing her journey of discernment, she suggested that I fully commit, for a specified amount of time, to the program that I have already started, and at the end of that time frame, reevaluate what I feel about it.

She referred to the analogy of the car that is driving versus the car that is parked. You can always turn the car around when you're driving it, but when it's in park, you can't. The takeaway message is to take at least one step either left or right and see where it takes you.

So, don't be afraid to put in the hard work. Before you give up, give all you can.

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