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A few days ago, one of my friends sent me a podcast by Leah Darrow and Dr. Greg Bottaro, on the topic of dating. It was a fantastic podcast. But a question that he posed for women, that really made me reflect is: "If you see your life as a gift, that you are to give to somebody else, what kind of gift are you giving?"

As I reflected over my life, there were definitely times where I didn’t feel like a gift of self. I was dealing a lot with emotional trauma, health issues and my spiritual life was a mess. When I was in relationships during those times, I realized that they were toxic relationships that weren’t healthy and hurt me more. I wasn’t truly able to give a gift of self to another person, or to accept another person’s gift of self (where you accept that person for who they are.)

But in the past year, I have truly taken the time to work on myself. To work on moving past trauma and to find healing, working on a relationship with my body and exercising, and most importantly working on my relationship with God.

When I compare my previous self to who I am today, I know that in all honesty, I could not have given anyone a total gift of self because I wasn’t whole. There were lots of broken pieces to me that I needed to work on.

So now, I’m going to pose this question to my single ladies. Have you taken the time to truly work on yourself? Have you taken the time to build a relationship with God? Do you take care of your body, as it is a temple of God? Do you work on your emotional and mental health? If you are struggling to say yes to these questions, then maybe this is the season of your life that God is calling you to spend some time with just you and Him.

If you want to listen to the podcast, check out Leah Darrow’s “Do Something Beautiful” Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/do-something-beautiful/id1159764896?i=1000465240768

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