Working on Humility

Being the oldest child in my family, my younger sister had ways of really pushing my buttons. I'm guessing all of you ladies with siblings, either older or younger, can relate to that.

In fact, we can probably argue that we have experienced many moments where someone from our family has pushed our buttons. Whether it be siblings, parents, cousins, etc.

Last weekend, I heard a priest give a homily on humility and he said this one line that really made me look at these moments in a completely different light.


Whoa...well that changes things!

Think of it this way, every time someone from your family gets under your skin is an opportunity to practice humility. How different would all of those frustrating moments be if we approached them in that light?

Our emotions and feelings would be channeled differently, and I'll bet if we turned this into a regular practice we wouldn't be as prone to blow up reactions as quickly in heated moments.

If you get hit with a moment like that today, where your family gets under your skin, take a moment and pray, "God, thank you for this opportunity to practice the virtue of humility. Please grant me that strength and grace right now."

Walking Together, Sandra

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