Working on gratitude

Let me ask you a question, why isn't the news ever filled with uplighting stories? Why don't we hear about the person who is now cancer free very often? Or why aren't there stories about organizations that have fed the homeless? Or communities coming together to celebrate life? I think this is because we have created a society that lives on despair, heartbreak and negativity.

I have been thinking a lot about how often we go through life, and we can see all of the negative components so quickly and easily. We fill out hearts with anger, despair and negativity and focus whole heartedly on this. We focus so much of our energy on this instead of seeing the positive aspect.

When something positive happens in our life, we are joyful for a single moment and move onto the next thing in anticipation that it will bring us joy. This is why we hold onto negativity so well, because we are never truly fulfill by the simple joyful moments.

What I want us all to start working on whole heartedly is gratitude. When you have a grateful heart, you can hold onto that joy for much longer. To see that there is so much beauty and goodness within this world.

Let's stop holding onto the negativity and focusing on that. Let's create a culture that is joyful and uplifting! Spread the joy to those around you! Be a shining light to others, so that this world may be a brighter place.

Praying for you all.

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