Why not give His plan a chance today?

I remember when I was in high school I had the perfect plan for my life:

1. I would finish my undergrad degree, which would be 4 years

2. Finish my masters degree, which would be another 2 years so I would be done school by like 23.

3. Get married and have 5 kids by 25 (clearly my math was very off or I was expecting twins and triplets!)

4. Live happily ever after

I added the last step because that is literally how cheesy this plan sounded when I share it with my students during my talks. But I believe it or not I was very contempt with this plan and I felt this is what would bring me true joy and fulfillment in my life.

Heck I felt I was WAY AHEAD of the game! God would be soo relieved and proud of me because I did all the work! All He has to do is press "PLAY" and *BAM*....happy life for Sandra!

Looking back I could only imagine the sense of humour God had while He would listen to my apparently genius plans in life. Sometimes He allowed me to be stubborn with my plans, even though it meant they would fall apart. But in His loving and fatherly way...He was always there with His arm stretched out asking, "Will you give me a chance now?"

Needless to say my years after high school were no where near what I had originally planned out. If I am to be honest they were the most confusing, hard, scary and frustrating years of my life. Would I take the chance to go back and have my 4 step life plan? Absolutely not! Why? Because it never would have brought me the same amount of joy that I got when I finally decided to follow God's plan for my life.

I always envisioned that we have to be the ones who do the work, figure everything out, plan every detail, then present it to God and He presses "PLAY" and everything falls into place. Actually...it's the exact opposite.

God is the one who has already figured everything out, planned every detail. He desires to offer us His plan for our lives...and we are the ones who have to make the decision to press "PLAY."

When we wake up in the morning and give God our YES for the day...that is like us pressing the "PLAY" button and giving God permission to put all the pieces together. Sure we can go about our own ways and make our own plans...and God will always walk with us. He will never leave us. But you will never find true joy and fulfillment that way.

God knows you. He knows what is best for you and what will bring you that joy. Why not give His plan a chance today?

Walking Together,

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