Why do you overindulge?

As we continue to talk about the Deadly Sin of Gluttony this week of Lent, I wanted to further focus on the idea of emotional eating and over-indulging in pleasures as an emotional response.

Have you ever gone through a difficult or stressful time in your life, like a break-up or studying for exams? Chances are you have experienced one of those two if not both. How did you get through it?

It could be that "comfort food" helped. Or "binge watching shows" was something that helped you get through that time. Or even "retail therapy" where you indulged in excessive shopping and spending.

Girl, if that sounds like you... Same. I'm totally 100% guilty of having had done all three of those things.

It was so much easier to eat a pack (actually more like three packs) of cookies than say the rosary. It was so much easier watching every episode of "The Golden Girls" for the hundredth time than going to adoration. It was so much easier to go to the mall than it was to mass.

But somehow, that was what brought me comfort (though self admittedly, I was very lukewarm at the time so did not even try turning to the faith). And so instead of turning towards something that could uplift my soul and help me properly heal, I continued to overindulge in these pleasures.

Little did I know, that I was committing the deadly sin of gluttony in that moment.

To be clear, it's not a sin to do any of those things if they are done with moderation. That is the key when we are talking about enjoying the pleasures in life. But when that becomes all we do in search of comforting something we're struggling within ourselves, that becomes a big problem.

On Thursday, we will be diving into how to overcome the sin of gluttony, but for now I wanted to invite you all to further reflect on:

How do I respond to difficult and stressful situations in my life? What do I find comfort in? Do I overindulge?

Walking with you, Kasia

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