Who, or what, you have been waiting on in order to be happy?

"If only she/he did ____ I would be happier" Does that sound familiar?

Sometimes we unknowingly wait around for society to change or for others to act "appropriately" so that our lives could be better. Even if our expectations of others are reasonable, allowing our happiness to depend on other human beings, and society at large is not reasonable nor is it realistic.

While we are sitting around waiting for things to change, chances are they don't! Hence the quote "if nothing changes, nothing changes".

What is problematic for us may not seem like a problem for someone else, so if we want to see a change it only makes sense that it starts with us.

Remember, "if you want something you never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done" (Thomas Jefferson). Maybe what would be helpful for us is to put up boundaries with ourselves (I will not go to sleep past 11pm) and with others (I will leave the conversation if you start yelling).

Maybe we need to reconsider the nature of certain relationships we are in (family, friends, romantic). Maybe the flaws that we see in society are waiting for our initiative. And still, perhaps our attitude towards others is condemning.

Regardless of where God is calling us to make changes, what we definitely need is a childish dependency on Him throughout the entire process.

Today, reflect on who, or what, you have been waiting on in order to be happy. Reflect on your relationship with God - who is He really for you? Could you say that you know Him?

Get curious about yourself. You may find some things that you'd rather pretend were not there, but those may be the very things that are holding you back from living a fulfilling life

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