While I wait

Waiting can be so hard when the world seems like it is moving so quickly.

When I look around at the lives of my friends, life seems to be moving so fast as they approach new stages in their lives. However, when I look at my own life, I feel like at a stand still.

I was thinking about this, why sometimes we have to pause in certain points in our lives and why God keeps us in certain stages longer than others.

A lot of it has to do with us needing to learn from that stage, to become whole, to heal and to learn to lean on Him completely.

What I find is that I often don't know why I am standing in a certain place in my life until I have moved past it and then can finally look back and say, woah all of that made perfect sense.

The waiting is the hardest part, but the amazing thing is that we don't stand alone.

I want to share with you ladies my favorite song. I know I have shared it before, but I know that there is someone out that who needs to hear it today.


Though I don't understand it I will worship with my pain You are God, You are worthy You are with me all the way So while I wait, I will worship Lord, I'll worship Your name Though I don't have all the answers Still, I trust You all the same

Trust in God, as you wait. You won't be frozen in this moment forever. God is keeping you here for a reason, ask the Lord to reveal this to you. What does He need from you? What does He want to show you?

In Christ, Diana

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