When those moments come...run to Our Blessed Mother!

Last night I had the privilege of seeing the Canadian Premier of Fatima the Movie. I always loved hearing about the apparition at Fatima but seeing the movie brought to light a very real story from the side of the children.

It was told from the eyes of Sr. Lucia and what struck me the most was her fear. It seems normal to think that a 10 year old girl would be afraid of people not believing her when she said she saw the Virgin Mary, but for some reason I always had this misconception that these children were so brave and not hesitant.

Throughout the movie you could tell her struggle in being strong was weighing on her a lot. Many times she would confide to the Blessed Mother saying how she wishes she could be as brave as Jacinta, who was younger than she was. Or she felt it was unfair that Francisco and Jacinta would be going to heaven soon and she had to stay. This entire time she would face many spiritual attacks to keep her quiet.

These fears were so real and so valid. When you looked at what others thought of her and how they would constantly blame her for disasters that would happen in their family, it's hard NOT to fall into doubt and fear.

One thing that remained consistent was how she dealt with these overwhelming moments of fear and doubt. The first place she would run...is to Our Blessed Mother and beg her to intercede to God for help. There was never any hesitation on her part when it came to that.

It's no surprise that we will face persecution because of our faith, sometimes even from those closest to us. When those moments come...run to Our Blessed Mother. Pray for the intercession of St. Jacinta and Francisco. Remember that even when you don't fully understand, or even if you feel like the whole world is against you...God will ALWAYS be for you.

Our Lady of Fatima, Pray for Us!

Walking Together,

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