When I receive Holy Communion, I get to hold Jesus in my very body

With all the changes that have been happening since churches have re-opened, I'll be honest...Mass has been very hard for me. I was speaking to my spiritual director about it and praying about it but for some reason I just feel like something is missing.

Maybe it is because I am very connected with music and how much beauty it brings to the mass, and not having that has taken a tole on me. Just overall it's been very dry.

Today I renewed my Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and each year I love how I start my retreat to prepare on the feast day of St. Anthony. The first year I did the self-retreat I felt like I was searching for something I lost and having St. Anthony journey with me was one of the most powerful intercessions that I have felt.

Every year when I renewed I would always find something that I had lost or was missing with regards to my relationship to Our Blessed Mother. The first year it felt like I was a lost daughter who discovered this beautiful mother-daughter relationship with her. This year it was something different.

Last night I was doing some spiritual reading and something really struck my heart. I've been reading "Into His Likeness" by Edward Sri and in the chapter where he talks about ways to deepen your participation in the Mass, specifically with reference to Holy Communion, he says, "We become like the Temple that housed God's presence in Jerusalem. We become like the Blessed Virgin Mary who carried Jesus in her womb. Our God is dwelling within us sacramentally in Holy Communion!" (Sri, pg.129)

We become like Mary who carried Jesus in her womb.

As I went to mass today, that line just kept going through my head. When I receive Holy Communion, I get to hold Jesus in my very body. My body becomes His home, His temple. Simply reflecting on that brought such a feeling of joy and peace.

This kind of reflection can be very different for us who are single, married, in religious life, or mothers. But what is the same for all of us...is Jesus wants to create His home in you.

Your body is His temple.

Walking Together,


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