What Sets us Free?

If someone were to write a biography of you based on just your social media profile, would it be fully true? I tend to ask this question to my high school students during my talks and more than not they always answer that it wouldn't be completely true. Many of us use different filters everyday when we present ourselves. I know I remember living what felt like a double or even triple life. I would act one way at home, another way with my friends and another way in church or on retreats. I was constantly filtering myself because I was afraid that if people saw my authenticity it would push them away. Living that kind of a lifestyle did not set me free, despite what I had hoped. It only caged me even more. You see filters restrict us, they limit us in ways that puts us in this jail cell. We are convinced that it is freedom, that it is liberation, but in all honestly it is the furthest from that. So what sets us free? Authenticity. When we are able to truly be ourselves that is when we feel that true freedom. Yes that comes with pain and suffering at times, it comes with pruning and growth. Taking off those filters is not easy...but so worth it! What is one filter you are leaning on? Is it your physical looks? Is it your income? Is it your social status? Is it playing the victim card? Is it being hesitant to show your faith? Bring that filter to the foot of the cross and ask for the grace to become free from it! Walking Together, Sandra

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