What little shift can I make today to make things better?

In the midst of the lockdown in our city, I have been finding ways to keep myself grounded in Truth the best I can. I have been enjoying taking daily walks with my daughter and listening to Catholic podcasts as we go.

Yesterday, I listened to the podcast "Catholic Parenting 101" Episode 2 with Patrick Sullivan from Evango on Spotify. It was a fantastic listen, where Patrick presented "7 Commandments of Parenting".

There is a lot that stuck out to me as I listened, but what really hit me was when Patrick referred to a family and the family home as a 'sanctuary'...a sacred place. Up until that moment, I had never thought about it this way and I have been pondering on this a lot since.

In entering the Sacrament of marriage, if God blesses a husband and wife with children, those children become a gift where the love between them is made visible. In this way, children become a part of the sacred covenant instituted by God Himself. If we approach our family the way we would the physical sanctuary of Christ's Church and give our families love, respect, and reverence, doing it all with a joyful heart, our entire lives and families will transform.

This sounds like a huge feat to ask of someone, and it might feel overwhelming to many of us. Where do we even begin?

The answer really lies in making small shifts in our day; from the tone we use when speaking, to saying a simple sentence to a family member that can make them feel loved and cherished.

Patrick talked about how sometimes when his children are playing and being silly, he lets them catch a glance of him just watching them with a smile on his face. Even toddler age children can understand that they are wanted and important in the home by that simple act alone. Again, the key really lies in the little interactions of our day in the home.

Self-regulating can also be a big help. When we check in with ourselves to make sure we are taking a pause before reacting out of anger and frustration, we can also save our family a lot of hurt and prevent damage in the family.

This all takes daily practise and the asking of God to give us His grace to be able to do this. Praying together as a family, keeping God at the centre, and recognizing the family as a holy sanctuary can be real game changers in transforming how our families and our family homes look and feel on a spiritual, emotional, and mental level.

Take some time to ponder this today:

Is my home a sanctuary for my family? If not, what little shift can I make today to make things better?

Also, if you have an hour of work to do around the house today or if you are taking a walk, consider taking a listen to the podcast episode for yourself! It is one of the best investments you can make for your family, I promise!

In Christ,


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