What is ypur purpose?

My dearest sisters,

Sandra wrote a beautiful reflection yesterday on how easy it is to compare ourselves to everyone around us.

This is very true when we see how amazing the lives of our friends are. All of their successes, accomplishments and their happiness. It becomes even harder when you feel stuck, and you feel like your life isn't moving forward.

So here is my tip! Give yourself a purpose!

I found that whenever I look at the beautiful lives of my friends it became easy to become envious. However, when I found purpose in my work, in my ministry, and in my family life, I found my life to be very full.

God is wonderful and will bless every season that we give to Him. If we are miserable in our times of waiting, whether that's your next job, your future spouse, a child and whatever else, we will limit ourselves in how many graces we will receive openly from the Lord.

However, if we live out each season and see the beauty in that time to create, to provide, and to serve, then God will use that period to form us.

Envy will steal our joy! Instead of being envious, find your purpose. I truly feel that my purpose in this time in my life is to dedicate myself wholeheartedly to this ministry, my work and my family. If I give completely of myself in those areas, God will use me and form me to become the women He needs me to be.

Today, if you are struggling with envy say, "Lord God, help me. Show me my purpose! Show me what it is that you need me to do in this period of my life. Help me to glorify you in the good things that others have in their lives. And allow me to see what you are blessing me with every day."

I'm praying for you.

In Christ, Diana

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