What Is Your Focus?

It's crazy how easy it is to lose focus sometimes.

With 37 days left until my wedding, I definitely had a lot of moments of reflection and re-evaluation recently. There came a point when I got completely overwhelmed with all the little planning details and these worries would just sit in my head.

My days were just constantly to-do lists and remembering what else needed to be taken care of, or wondering if things will be finished on time.

I took a hard stop one day and just sat down in my prayer chair (which I have been spending nearly enough time in) and I just sat in silence.

God brought this simple yet beautiful reminder to my heart. "Remember what the true focus of this preparation should be."

I reflected with my fiance and it wasn't surprising that we both felt like our focus was not fully on where the true preparation should be.

We are not preparing for a wedding day...we are preparing for a life-long sacrament of Marriage! A vocation that God has stirred up in our hearts and called us too.

How easy was it to allow the material world to divert that focus elsewhere. That is not to say that the planning aspects are not important at all, but the focus still needs to remain that first and foremost this is a time of preparation for a sacrament.

This doesn't just happen in engagement...this is a daily battle that we need to be aware of. Our daily tasks, our jobs, our school, our extra-curricular activities. These are amazing when our focus is geared towards serving God and neighbour.

When we start getting tunnel vision and all we see is the next email to respond, or the next customer to deal with, or the pile of files on our desk, or the next project to work on...we lost that focus.

Regardless where you are in your life right now, you have a purpose and a focus God is calling you to. Don't let the materialistic worries and stresses divert your heart from that!

Walking Together, Sandra

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