What is your definition of love?

What does it mean to actually love? What is my definition of love? I was reading Leah Darrow’s book, “The Other Side of Beauty”, and she posed these questions to her readers and asked that we take time to reflect what it means to us.

If we look at what the world tells us what love is, we will see that the world tells us love is to find someone to fulfill our needs and desires. The world tells us that love is a feeling that we experience. We can love things like our cars, shoes, lipstick and our significant others. And all of those are encompassed under the word ‘LOVE’ because love is just an emotional high that we feel. The world has distorted for us what it truly means to love. For the world, love means to use something or someone.

But Christ tells us that love doesn’t mean use. He tells us that love is to sacrifice for the good of the other. He tells us that to truly love, we need to put others ahead of ourselves. He tells us that we need to be willing to die to ourselves so that the other might be saved. That’s the definition that Christ tells us.

So maybe its time for us to reflect upon what is our definition of love. Is it the high feeling that we are searching for? To feel fulfilled? To feel good about ourselves? To feel like we are worthy? Or is it more to us? Are we willing to die to ourselves for another? Are we willing to put others’ needs above our own?

I want us to reflect upon this a little deeper today. What is your definition of love? Are you living out that definition of love in your daily life?

Praying for you.

In Christ,

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