What is Perseverance?

Happy Thursday Ladies,

When Mary heard of Elizabeth’s pregnancy what was the first thing she did? SHE MADE HASTE! (Luke 1:39). In this scene she showed a perfect example of this week’s virtue…

Perseverance (also known as diligence).

St. Thomas defines a person in the virtue of perseverance as “one who bears those things which are most difficult to endure long” (ST II.II. Q137 A1). He also uses two words in the rest of the article when referencing perseverance: the difficult and the good.

Virtues, as a whole, are difficult and their focus is on achieving the good. When it comes to perseverance, the good we aim for is ultimately that which brings us closer to God. The difficulty comes with gathering the effort and hope to keep going towards that good.

It is easy to see how this can become difficult when we are overwhelmed by the vice of sloth and our drive and motivation are shot. Perseverance helps us make the choice to keep going even when we have no pull or motivation too, even when our emotional consolation is gone, sometimes even when there is persecution and an uproar against us.

I want us to focus this virtue in our prayer life this week. We reflected on moments when we might feel dry in our spiritual life or lack the motivation to pray. In those moments…I want to challenge you ladies to pray anyways and pray more!

In the moments when we don’t want to pray, is when we need it the most.

“It is always possible to pray. The time of the Christian is that of the risen Christ who is with us always, no matter what tempts may arise. Our time is in the hands of God” (CCC 2743).

Today I want you to choose a time in your day that you will spend 10 minutes with Christ. Pick a specific hour and sit with him, talk with him, or just be present with him. If your day keeps trying to keep you from it…pray for the grace to persevere with making that time!

Come Holy Spirit and fill us with your fire of perseverance!

Walking together, Sandra

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