What is humility?

My dear girls!

Humility. If you’re like me, you kinda know what it is but if you had to write a post on it you wouldn’t know what to write so you’d have to google it.

Humility is about being humble, but what does that actually look like? I came across a list of 10 Things Humility Is Not (1), and I’ll start with the one that spoke to me the most: humility is partly about being real with what is and not about putting ourselves down.

If God has given us gifts and talents, we acknowledge them. God has given them to us for His greater glory, but how can we put them to use if we don’t even acknowledge what we have? Acknowledging what we have is also an opportunity for us to be grateful, so it’s a win for everyone.

Even though we acknowledge our gifts and talents, we know that they do not make us better than anyone else. We know that when God created us, He gave us each a unique set, for a specific purpose.

Knowing that it was God who created us we also know that it’s only because of Him that we have all that what we do. Therefore, if someone compliments us it only makes sense to say “thank you”. Saying “thank you” doesn’t make us arrogant, it is simply acknowledging what we have, while knowing Who it came from.

Let’s take some time today to reflect on the talents that God gave us. What are we good at and how can we use that for His greater glory?

Walking with you,


PS – check out the article below

(1) https://lifeteen.com/blog/10-things-humility-not/

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