What is Greed?

Happy Monday Ladies! We are in the final weeks of lent! Almost there! This week we will be tackling the vice that makes us want more and more…

Greed (also known as covetousness). When we think of greed, many times the first place we think of is something to do with wanting money. Greed can come across in many different ways that are not necessarily monetary.

St. Thomas describes it this way: “...it will be a sin for [man] to exceed this measure, by wishing to acquire or keep [material goods] immoderately. This is what is meant by covetousness, which is defined as "immoderate love of possessing." It is therefore evident that covetousness is a sin.” (ST II.II. Q 118. A1).

If we read a little bit earlier in that same article, St. Thomas affirms that material goods are not evil in of themselves and to possess them is not a sin, in the measure that they are necessary for our condition of life. HOWEVER…it becomes a sin when our desire for external goods goes beyond that and the focus becomes on desiring more.

We need material things in order to live, but we cannot become consumed by the things of this world. If we are constantly looking for the next best thing because we are never satisfied with what we have…that may be a red flag to take some time for deeper reflection.

I was talking with my fiancé when he started his journey doing the Exodus 90 challenge and he brought up a really insightful rule that the men in the group all need to follow with regards to material goods. Aside from seeking approval from the group for larger purchases, they are always challenged to ask what is the purpose behind anything they need to buy and is it something that is necessary for them. This is not a means of gaining control over what the group members buy, but it is meant to make you stop and think, especially with small purchases that sometimes we may not necessarily need.

This week I want to challenge you ladies to become aware of your purchases and how you are using those material goods in your life. What is your purpose behind what you buy? Do you catch yourself buying things that are not necessary but are merely because you want more? Is shopping a way that you use to cope with stress?

Come Holy Spirit and help us always seek purpose and meaning.

Walking Together, Sandra

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