What is Envy?

Happy Monday Ladies!

We are 3 weeks away from Easter! We are diving even deeper as we tackle our next vice.

Envy (also known as Jealousy).

This particular vice is one that I feel us as women become very easily tempted too, especially through social media. To put it in simplest terms, St. Thomas defines envy as “the sorrow for another’s good” (ST II.II. Q35. A2).

Many times that isn’t the first thought that will come into our minds when we compare ourselves to other women, but if we pay attention to the feelings that follow that we will notice that most of the time we will feel this sadness, or maybe anger, because “she has it and I don’t.”

Bear with me ladies with this one and I encourage you to read this slowly and fully. I want to quote the Catechism for this part because I feel we underestimate the intensity of envy.

“The tenth commandment requires that envy be banished from the human heart. When the prophet Nathan wanted to spur King David to repentance, he told him the story about the poor man who had only one ewe lamb that he treated like his own daughter and the rich man who, despite the great number of his flocks, envied the poor man and ended by stealing his lamb. Envy can lead to the worst crimes. "Through the devil's envy death entered the world". We fight one another, and envy arms us against one another. . . . If everyone strives to unsettle the Body of Christ, where shall we end up? We are engaged in making Christ's Body a corpse. . . . We declare ourselves members of one and the same organism, yet we devour one another like beasts. (CCC 2538)

“St. Augustine saw envy as "the diabolical sin.” "From envy are born hatred, detraction, calumny, joy caused by the misfortune of a neighbor, and displeasure caused by his prosperity." (CCC 2539).

BIG WORDS FROM ST. AUGUSTINE OVER HERE! But if we think about it there is so much truth there! Envy turns us against each other and takes us away from the reality that our battle here on earth is not between people, but rather between the devil and forces of evil (Eph 6:12).

Today when you find yourself scrolling through your social media, I want you to bring your awareness to thoughts and feelings that come to mind when you see your friends. Do you turn to yourself and wish that your life was different? Do you feel angry? Do you feel sad? Do you become blinded from the blessings God has given to you in your life?

Walking Together, Sandra

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