What has God given you?

I have had the same clothes for a while, with many items not complimenting my shape, and so, I allowed myself to get a bunch of new clothes as a way to treat myself. I discovered that I actually really enjoy buying cute clothes, putting together cute outfits, and feeling good in those outfits… and then repeating the cycle. Very quickly, I found it hard to say no to purchasing more clothes.

I wanted to find a reason to turn down new items so that I don't ruin the fun of this whole process, so I started listening to my thoughts while I was on my shopping endeavors. They went something like this: "this is so cute, I have to have it". I questioned the last part of that asking myself "I have to have it or else what?" Or else nothing. I will be okay, the world will be okay, life will resume as is.

As I held a flowery shirt in my hands, I thought about all of the clothes that I already own and concluded that "this is really cute, it looks great on me, and I don't need it right now"

This dialectical thinking helped me recognize that I have more than enough clothes right now. It also allowed me to gently hang the shirt back on the hanger while acknowledging that it was indeed cute. I was able to appreciate what I don't have, without buying it, and appreciate what I already do have.

This approach can be applied to other realms too, such as lust, which drives us to use another person physically or emotionally, when we choose to engage in it. This can sound like: "he is so ____ (kind), it would be nice to ____ (marry him)". What we can learn to do instead is leave it at "wow, it's great that he's so kind"

Whatever our thought patterns are at the moment, they can be changed over time. We can learn to appreciate something or someone and just let it and them be. We can learn to approach God's creation with a light-heart and no strings attached by not trying to constantly benefit from, or use it in some kind of way.

Today, when you notice that something or someone catches your eye, thank God for what you see and move forward with your day. Take that time to look at what God has already given you in your life, and thank Him for that as well.

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