We need our differences.

"Girls can do anything boys can do"

I remember growing up with that mentality and hearing it all the time at school from teachers and friends. Yes it is safe to say that there have been many changes in the last few decades.

Women have been given more opportunities to enter into school programs and take on different career paths. While these are all great accomplishments we have achieved there still remains the same lie that we have believed for many years. The differences between men and women are bad, they hold us back as women and therefore need to be abolished so there is equality.

The reason why I call this out as a lie is because it could not be further from the truth. We have allowed ourselves to believe that our differences is what keeps us from being truly women when in fact these differences are necessary for us to fully understand our womanhood and femininity.

St. John Paul II wrote a letter during his pontificate that was dedicated specifically to women in all walks of life (I will post the link below). Those in the home, those in the community, those in the work force, and more. He explains that as women God has given us this incredible power. He even goes as far as calling it the "genius of women" (Letter to Women, n.9).

We as women have a genius all our own! It's already in us! We don't need to pretend to be something we are not in order to get it. We need each other, men and women. We need our differences. Even our bodies make no sense on their own. They are meant to unite together, man and woman, as one flesh.

St. John Paul II explains it like this, "Womanhood and manhood are complementary not only from the physical and psychological points of view, but also from the ontological. It is only through the duality of the "masculine" and the "feminine" that the "human" finds full realization" (Letter to Women, n.7).

This same concept can be applied to all aspects of our lives. When we strive so hard to be something we are not we lose that essence of what it means to be a woman. We lose our identity, and we settle for a false image that we were not created to be.

I invite you dear sisters to take a moment today to read this great saints letter to us. Allow his words to penetrate into your heart and reveal that true feminine genius that God has blessed you with.

Walking Together,

Letter to Women (June 29, 1995) | John Paul II (vatican.va)

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