We Know Who We Are

Happy #MusicMonday Ladies!

And a Happy Canada Day!

I thought it would be good to start this new week and new month with a question:

Who are you?

Over the years I've come to notice that we spend too little time thinking about that. We know who we are in our heads, we know we are children of God, women of God, we are loved...but there is a difference between knowing that in our heads and knowing that in our hearts.

Do you feel who's you are? Do you feel with everything in you how loved you are?

I felt the Holy Spirit put this song on my heart recently and it really made me think about how incredible the love of God is. This month's song is "Who Am I?" by Casting Crowns.


Honestly...like I cannot even begin to try and understand it because it is impossible for my human mind and heart to even grasp it!

God gave us this incredible gift of his love, and he doesn't ask us to earn it.

All he asks is that we are open to receive it.

Lord, I am yours. Help my heart be more open to receiving your love for me.

Walking Together, Sandra

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