We feel like we have to hold it completely together...

Sometimes sadness and anxieties can hit us hard. I felt pretty down a few days ago about the current situation of the world. I felt sad that we are still in quarantine, we still can't go to mass and life feels like it is still on hold. And as I thought about it, it dawned on me that I would be celebrating my birthday in quarantine and it made me feel even sadder.

But when I reflected on all of this, I knew that I could not find the joy in this world, because God is the only one who provides us with true joy.

My dearest sisters, so often we feel like we have to hold it completely together. That we can't have those moments of sadness. We have to be strong and just keep powering through our emotions. But I want to tell you today, that your emotions are okay. And they aren't too much for God to handle. You are not too much for Him. He wants to take all of these feelings of sadness, and replace them with His joy.

So if you are experiencing sadness in this time, it's okay. But remember, you can lean on God. And when you do, it is there, that you will find joy. You will find it, in knowing that you do not walk alone, that you are cared for, and completely loved.

Praying for you all.

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