We are not helpless

Spiritual warfare is soo real and soo present in our times today. We can feel it all around us. Whether it's when we look at the news and what is happening all around the world, or even just in our own lives.

Sometimes we might have moments when we feel more easily triggered, we are less aware of our reactions or words, we lash out too quickly, we lose our peace to easily.

It's hard to fight these battles when we ourselves aren't properly prepared for the fight. The devil loves to catch us in our weak moments. He will wait until the right moment to pull us back down. He will poke at that one place that he knows will hurt the most.

In these battles, we are not helpless! We can arm ourselves! St. Paul reminds us in Ephesians about "putting on the armour of God" (Eph 6:10). One aspect of this armour that I have noticed has a huge impact on how vulnerable I am to spiritual attacks...is my prayer life.

The minute my prayer life becomes lazy or starts lacking I become weaker and more vulnerable.

My husband sent me a very good conference by an exorcist priest who talked about how to spiritually arm yourself for these battles. The first thing he said was the most important first step is to have a consistent prayer life and to receive the Sacraments regularly.

Key word here is CONSISTENT. Our prayer life doesn't need to be this big elaborate thing that we can barely keep up with...it needs to be consistent.

Take a moment today to re-evaluate how your prayer routine looks like. Is it something you have been able to consistently keep up with? Advent can be a perfect time for a change as we await for the birth of our Lord.

Choose one change in your prayer routine. One thing that you will consistently do everyday for these next 4 weeks. Choose something that will feed you, but something that is also manageable to maintain. Slowly you will feel stronger and better armed for any battle you will face. Yes the devil will still attack you...but this time you will be ready for it!

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