We are all fallen

I remember back at a high school retreat a priest said to us, sin affects not only us but all those around us. I never truly understood what this really meant. Recently, it finally dawned on me how the choices that we make affects not only us, but those that we love.

We are all fallen, we are all human and we fall into our human limitations. And we think that our sins are just our own, we don't think about the consequences that they might have on those around us. We don't think how they can affect our significant others, parents, and even siblings. Sin has a huge ripple effect. It has a way of damaging relationships, setting barriers of mistrust in families and tearing each other apart.

But when we see those that we love falling into sin, this allows us to look our lives and see what we need to work on. It also allows for us to be Christ in that moment and reach deep into ourselves and to forgive, as Christ has called us to forgive.

As this advent season has just begun, let us take some time to reflect on our lives. Look at our habitual sins and see what we can work on in our lives. Look at how your sins affect those around you. Are you struggling with anger, and find yourself yelling often at your children? Are you struggling with selfishness, and never lend a helping hand to a family member? Do you struggle with sins of purity, and this has set up a barrier between you and your significant other? Do you struggle with money management and find yourself spending lots of money? Whatever your struggle is, find time this advent season to pray for strength and healing from these habitual sins.

Let us not only pray for ourselves to fight against our own sinful ways, but to pray for those that we know, who are also struggling with sin. Reach out to them, and be the source of support.

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