We are all equal in dignity, but that does not mean we need to be the same

Last week I watched a movie titled "The Giver." It was about a society where everyone was equal, but unfortunately this equality was pushed in the sense that everyone must be the same. People were not allowed to feel their own feelings, think their own thoughts, or do anything that was outside of what the community deemed to be accepted.

I found it very interesting because the beginning scenes were shown in black and white. Everyone dresses the same, does the same things and has the same routine. People had different careers that were chosen for them by a council who analyzed each persons character and skills. During that ceremony there was one boy who was chosen as the "Receiver of Memories" and in his training his mentor passed down to him all the memories of how the world was in the past.

As you follow this boys journey there was something very interesting that started happening. This boy becomes introduced to different emotions, to different choices and freedoms and slowly we start seeing more and more colours arise in the scenes.

I found this black and white depiction of this society very symbolic, and in a way reminded me of what is happening today in our own society.

We have defined equality as sameness. In order for people to be equal they need to be the same and have the same and do the same. Our differences are no longer welcome, in a way, and many times are completely blocked out. We are no longer encouraged to think on our own or have differences in opinions. Society pushes their own ideologies and agendas which we are required to follow and adapt too.

That to me, is not equality. That is a life-less society, just like it was depicted in the beginning of that movie.

We are all equal in dignity, but that does not mean we need to be the same. There is beauty in our differences. There is beauty in being able to converse with someone who has a different perspective or opinion about things. There is beauty in learning about the differences in someone's history of culture compared to your own. There is beauty in acknowledging our different gifts, talents and natural characteristics.

Equality does not mean sameness. There is beauty in our differences, and they were created to be complementary and work together.

Walking Together,

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