We all have our own Galilee

"Tell my brothers to go to Galilee." (Matthew 18:10, Mark 16:7)

We hear Jesus say this both in the Gospel of Matthew and Mark when He meets the women at the tomb. He tell them to go back and tell his Apostles to go to Galilee and there they will see Him.

Quite honestly, I never wondered too much why He wanted them to go back to Galilee, until last Sunday when I was listening to the homily during mass.

Galilee was where Jesus first started His mission. He is asking his Apostles to go back to where everything began, because He wants them to see this whole journey from a new perspective this time. So many times when He walked with them and taught them they weren't able to fully comprehend everything Jesus was saying. But now they have witnessed His death on the cross and His glorious resurrection.

This whole journey with Christ has a completely different meaning to them now. It's as if their eyes were opened and NOW they see everything that was really happening this entire time.

We all have our own Galilee. We all have our own place where everything began. Maybe it was that first encounter with Christ where for the first time ever...we felt that He was real, that He was truly present and alive.

Jesus is also asking us to "go back to Galilee", to go back where it started so that we can now see everything in a whole new perspective. He wants us to see our journey in light of His Resurrection.

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