Ways to support the Pro-life movement


Recently, Poland deemed it unconstitutional (no laws have come into effect at the moment) to have abortions due to fetal defects and many people have not been shy to show their disagreement. The strikes around it have become increasingly intense in terms of size and type of behavior present. I've had the opportunity to engage in private dialogue with individuals who support the pro-choice movement. Despite the incredible opportunity to converse with them, I've felt so overwhelmed and angry with the level of destruction and hostility present in the strikes and on social media.

When I started to lose sleep over this, I decided to take a little step back from social media which made room for me to reflect on what I was I was experiencing internally. I know that God is here. I know that He sees what is happening and knows what will come out of this. Sometimes evil (actions, not people) is loud but it doesn't have to be intimating. I can learn to remain grounded and see past the yelling and screaming. I can learn to hear the soft, quiet voice of peace. I can remind myself that we are all children of God.

Why not use my concern as fuel for action instead? I encourage us to deepen our understanding of the pro-life stance so that we are better equipped to have loving and informative discussions whenever people are open to converse with us. It is also helpful to understand why people hold pro-abortion views so that we can speak to others from the heart.

We can also join pro-life initiatives in our community, or globally, either activism and/or financially, whether they are pro-life crisis pregnancy centers or pro-life activist movements. One thing that we're always able to do is pray. Let's not forget the power of those prayers.

Let's do what we're able to do! Check out my post from the #Spotlight series earlier this week for some resources to get you started: https://www.facebook.com/.../a.11556604.../2062982143874236/

Use this opportunity as a push to get more involved! The babies need you! And the mamas do too!

Sending love your way,

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