Waiting in Advent

As we enter into week two of Advent, a week focused on love, I was brought to think about the idea of love being reborn in our hearts. Many of us have probably heard the quote "you cannot give what you don't have." There are many ways we can understand and apply that quote, but what struck me was this idea of needing rebirth in our lives. There are many places in our hearts that have been wounded, damaged, maybe even have become messy and dirty. And I will admit, it is a lot easier to call those places out in other people than it is in ourselves. It is much easier to see where Christ is missing in everyone else's lives, but lose sight of the places where Christ is missing in our own lives. Sometimes was we need...is that rebirth. We need him to be born again in our hearts. But in order to do that, we need to get rid of the mess. The old, the dusty, the infected needs to die out and become fully cleansed so to make a new place for Christ to fully be able to make a home in our hearts. That is the beauty of this time of waiting in Advent because it is not a passive time. It is ACTIVE! We are actively preparing the way and doing our "Christmas Cleaning", if you will. What is one place in your heart where Christ needs to be reborn? What is one place where you have pushed him out? What is one place where you have kept in the dark and in hiding fro him? Walking Together, Sandra

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