W + w = S

I never thought a simple mathematical equation could be used to describe how to reach Sanctity, but somehow St. Maximilian Kolbe figured one out!

W + w = S

The capital W stands for God's will, the small w stands for our will, and when united together it leads us to Sanctity.

Now one can think, "Great! God just needs to turn His will to follow mine and unite the two and all is fine and dandy!" But..that's not how it works either. There is a reason why one is capitalized and the other not. We are to unite our will to His, not the other way around.

It's not easy doing God's will...let's be real. There may be some days when you are all for it and other's when you feel like saying, "Really God? You really want me to go THAT WAY?!" Or there might be other days when you have the desire to follow His will...but your strength just isn't there.

I've been doing a mini-retreat for myself as I prepare to re-consecreate myself to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by following the "33 Days to Morning Glory" self-retreat book. (One I HIGHLY recommend you ladies check out! It is an absolute game changer!) I'm on week two where we journey with St. Maximilian Kolbe and learn about his devotion to Mary.

He acknowledges how hard it can be to unite our will to God's Will, and how sometimes it can even feel impossible. This is why he stresses the fact that Mary is the answer to that struggle and how she makes sanctity easy. Allow me to share a quote from the book to explain how:

"God has willed to entrust the entire order of mercy to Mary. It's God's will that she distribute his graces. Why? Because it's God's will to unite himself to Mary by his Holy Spirit. The Holy spirit does not act except through the Immaculata [Mary], his spouse. Hence, she is the Mediatrix of all graces of the Holy Spirit. And hence, it's easy to become holy when we stay close to and ask for graces from the one whose very job is to distribute them for God." (Gaitley, 58-59).

Mary knows perfectly what it means to unite our will to God's, and she is the one who can distribute those graces from him! How amazing is that?!

W + w = S

What is holding you back from uniting your will to God's today or in a particular situation?

Ask Mary to give you the graces you need!

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