Using Sunday Missals

SUNDAY MISSALS. This could even be a consideration for Lent!

I have started using a missal in these past few weeks, and I am really appreciating it as it seems to be helping me be more engaged in God's Word - in and out of mass. For instance, I like that I pay more attention to components of the mass that I would normally not think about, such as the responses I give at set times. Writing helps me focus on content and digest information, and so I also love that I could use this ability in the missal after mass, where I take time to highlight a few words that stand out; jot down some of my thoughts in the margins, and write the principle themes at the start of each week!

I know it's really early to be listing the benefits of something that has just begun, but I like what I see and feel already, and I Iook forward to more! It will be a nice bonus to be able to look back at all of the messages that I received throughout this year. I also hope that it equally serves you if you decide to try it out! I have been using the "Sunday Missal 2020-2021" published by LivingwithChrist (1), and if you are unable to purchase this copy, or a different copy, for whatever reason, you can still partake in this practice by looking up the gospel reading and writing your reflections in your journal!

With Love,

(1) Physically type out livingwithchrist.ca in your search bar (rather than looking it up on Google) because the Google search seems to bring you to some weird pages.

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