Universal Catholic Church

"Being Catholic means absolutely everything to me. It means that I belong to an incredible universal worldwide family. The sense of belonging I have is a powerful gift that has left an unbelievable and unremovable mark on my soul.

I remember when I started delivering corporate seminars internationally, I was struck by the fact that I would be able to find a Catholic Church in every city I travelled to. One place that I distinctly remember is Fiji. It was a particularly astounding moment. I was in a remote small town, surrounded by beautiful tropical, flowers, unusual vegetation, smack in the middle of the South Pacific ocean. It was a stark contrast to Toronto in February. I was at early morning Mass in a tiny Catholic Church in Fiji. There were no windows in the church, I could hear tropical birds from the pew and I realized that the exact same Mass that was being celebrated in Toronto, was being celebrated right before me and right across the entire world. How awesome is that?

The reality of our Universal Catholic Church has hit me not only in Fiji, but in Hawaii, Rome and so on… No matter where I travel in the world, the holy sacrifice of the Mass is and was the same. The thought often overwhelms me with wonder and awe.

The Sacraments have been a huge part of my life. They were my rock when I went through really difficult periods. Having recourse to the sacraments has been a constant source of healing, refreshment, encouragement and strength. The true presence of Jesus in the Eucharist is a truth my mother conveyed to me in my early years. Knowing that I have a Savior, and He is always with me in every single moment is a supernatural gift. He’s been there through every difficult moment; through health scares, and moments of extreme loneliness and many moments of worry and fear. Christ is always there for me: on the mountain top experiences like delivering a seminar to 300 women in Hawaii or when I have given birth to my children. He’s there in the darkest of times, too. Jesus is always making His presence known to me."

#CatholicsOfToronto Part 1/4 … Stay tuned for Part 2 of Dorothy's story tomorrow!

Photo: Anna Dzieciol Photography

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