Unforgiveness and Anger

My dearest sisters,

For many years I held onto an anger inside myself that I couldn’t name. I never understood why I felt the way I felt, or where it came from. It made me feel extremely resentful, and it made me hold onto a lot of unforgiveness in my heart.

From my childhood, I held onto the pain of what happened to me. And because I didn’t have the words to express what I felt I just let it become anger.

When we stuff our emotions and don’t allow ourselves to talk things through, the way that we feel, or how we have been hurt, it is easy to turn those things into anger.

I was very angry, with my family, with my abuser but most of all God. I was angry that a loving God could allow me to experience this sort of pain at such a young age.

Now when I reflect back on my life, I feel like I hid this anger pretty well. But I remember times in my life when it would explode out of me.

Unforgiveness will cause our anger to build. My dearest sisters, are you holding onto anger because of something in your past? Are you holding onto unforgiveness?

If you are, let it go, seek grace from the Lord. Set your heart free from that anger.

When I let go of that anger and found freedom in healing and forgiveness, my heart felt so free.

If you are struggling with anger and unforgiveness, lay it at the foot of the Cross. This is the most perfect time of the year to be able to let go of this vice. Remember, the Lord has already set you free. All you have to do is remove those chains that you have been holding onto.

Praying for you all.

In Christ, Diana

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