Understanding of beauty

Tag a friend, and write one thing that you find beautiful about her!

Now, let's talk... What does beautiful mean to you?

I'm not looking for the 'right' answer, the biblical answer, the wise answer. I'm looking for your honest answer. I'm looking for your deepest core belief.

To more honestly answer the above question, reflect on the women that you admire and examine why you look up to them in particular. This may shed light on what you believe about beauty. You may find that your understanding of beauty is healthy, or you may find that it is not. Or it may be somewhere in between fluctuating from day to day.

My understanding of beauty has been gradually transforming. Praise God! Like for real!!!! I've lived at a surface level of beauty for so many years so this transition into the deep is a long one, but I am so grateful for the freedom I am slowly obtaining from it.

One of the many graces that God has given me to help reorient my understanding of beauty is women who embody virtue.

He has shown me what is important to Him so that I can focus on that, rather than what is important to society. I find it very empowering to listen to, observe, read books written by women grounded in Christ, particularly if they're Catholic.

These women can be singers, authors, speakers, sisters, friends, group leaders, nuns, mothers, aunts, grandmothers, saints, coworkers, bosses, anyone who inspires and encourages us to deepen our understanding of and our dependency on Christ.

Who helps you deepen your faith? Who inspires you?

Own your interior and exterior beauty and allow it to radiate God's love for the world. As Christopher West says, let's not stop at the beauty of creation, but allow the beauty of creation to point us to the Creator. Find women who display virtue and a YES to God.

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