Turn your face to Him

A priest described a very similar phenomenon when it comes to responding to our emotions. He likened emotional impulsivity to a dog who chases a ball, not giving it any thought.

If you're like me, you've chased that ball more times that you'd like to admit. You also realize that on your own strength, you WILL be chasing that ball, no matter how far it is thrown. Before you know it, you've gone so far that you have no idea where you are anymore.

In the same way, the waves are taken by the wind wherever it goes.

Thankfully, we as human beings, have been given the ability to be aware of our behaviors, to reflect on our behaviors, to reach out to others, and to choose another course of action whenever that is necessary.

More importantly, we as Christians, have God.

When I am able to stop and remind myself that He is here and that because of this I don't need to "figure it out" this instant, my body and mind slowly calm down. I might have to repeat this a million times and go through hours of headache, but I finally calm down.

As long as I stay close with God - reflecting on His words, praying, sitting in silence - I will know what to do next and when to do it. He might even tell me that my current course of action is no action, at least for now.

Today, if you feel uncomfortable emotions at any point, gently turn your face to Him, as many times as you need to. Tell Him that you're worried, or scared, or that you don't know what to do.

Choose to believe that He gives you all that you need and wait for His response.

Plant your feet in His words so that when the winds come and the balls are thrown, although you may sway, you can remain grounded.

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