Turn to Him

We have been created with the ability to experience a variety of feelings.

When used well, feelings become neutral pieces of information that we use as helpful markers. For instance, anger can signal to us that a boundary, that we set with ourselves or with someone else, has been crossed. Rather than beating ourselves up or punching someone in the face, we can learn to recognize the anger, respectfully communicate it, and calmly tend to the boundary issue, in a way that we supports the woman we are called to become. We also learn to engage in behaviors that help us reground ourselves.

It is true that, as Catholics, we are given guidelines to follow that are sometimes really difficult to understand, let alone live up to. It's okay to feel frustrated and yet it doesn't mean that it's hopeless. It doesn't mean we should just give up because it's hard. What we can do instead is learn to surrender ourselves completely to Him so that He can work on our behalf and guide us where we need to go.

We so easily forget that we are not meant to do this on our own!

All in all, turn to Him and know that, regardless of whatever feeling you come across, you are no less precious to Him; no less worthy of love. We don't need to be intimidated by feelings, nor become slaves to them. Without judgement, acknowledge your feelings while allowing Him to hold your hand the whole time. Invite Him into everything. Reground yourself in your identity as His daughter and watch Him transform you day, by day.

Your feelings are most definitely a part of you, but they are not your sum!

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