Trust yourself

Anytime I was faced with a big decision, I was always told to discern it properly. Take time to think everything through, take time to pray about it, see how the Holy Spirit is trying to speak to you in this situation. And yes it is extremely important to properly discern every decision and be able to distinguish where the voice of the Holy Spirit is guiding you.

Sometimes I feel we can also fall to the other extreme...over discernment. We get caught in this constant cycle of discerning but we stay there because we become to afraid to commit to a particular decision. This is also not good for us because we remain stuck, and when we stop moving we end up moving back ward.

Every discernment has to be followed through with an action. In all honesty that is the purpose of why we are discerning in the first place. It is to decide on a particular action.

I remember during exams I would see a question and right away know what the answer was. Then when I finished and was reviewing my work I would go over that same question again and begin to second guess myself. More often than not I would end up changing my answer only to find out that my first guess was in fact the correct one.

We do this in our own lives as well. We make a decision but then start second guessing ourselves and become stuck in this endless cycle of questions. We become so afraid of making a decision because we keep questioning if it is the wrong or right one.

My dear sisters, the reality of our life is we will never be able to know everything 100%, there will always be some small variable that will be uncertain. But what we can be certain of is God's love for us and his plan for us. We may not always make the right decision, we may look back after and think that we should've chosen B instead of A. But we won't be able to learn and grow as women of God unless we turn our discernment into action.

Trust yourself. Trust your feminine genius. Trust the gifts God has given you. Use your God given reason to work through things..but then take that jump! We are people of action!

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