Trust that He knows what will satisfy your thirst

We are human beings of a sexual nature and no amount of repression will change this. Thankfully, the goal is not repression, contrary to what you may have grown up believing. People like Christopher West are most definitely doing God's work in spreading the good news about our bodies. If you're like me, "body" and "good news", together, in one sentence, is positively mind-boggling, as it goes against the confusing, and often contradicting, messages that we may have gathered thus far.

There is so much for me to learn in this realm... I constantly feel like I am just scratching the surface! What I do know now, however, is that our sexual desires are meant to bring us out of ourselves, to the other, and ultimately to Christ Himself. How beautiful is that?

In developing our relationship with Christ, we begin to see the deeper meaning of our lives, the bigger picture. As we unravel this, we learn to allow our sexuality to drive us towards Christ, so rather than attempt to dismiss it or unintentionally create another god out of it, we embrace it as good.

This is a message of hope for our starving hearts and a gentle push to keep searching for the good news! I encourage all of us to continue exploring the fact that we are created sexual beings and what the divine plan was, and is, for our experiences.

In a world of constantly changing messages, we need something that can ground us. A message that never changes.

Let us strive to uphold the dignity of ourselves and of our brothers and sisters around us. Remember, it is only Christ who fulfills the deepest longings of our hearts, which He created and called GOOD. Trust that He knows what will satisfy your thirst and that He purposefully placed the thirst so that you would seek Him out.

You are made good. So good

Walking with you,

PS - Reflect on the idea that human sexuality is good. What thoughts and feelings come up? Have you always felt this way? Depending on our journey thus far, this may be difficult and that's okay. Be gentle with yourself, but don't stop seeking healing and hunting for truth in The Only One who can set you free.

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