True Modesty

How do you present yourself?

We all catch ourselves using different filters everyday...but sometimes it becomes so normal for us that we don't even realize. The problem with filters is that they take away from our authenticity, the truth of who we are.

One way that we as women do this...is through how we dress and present ourselves.

In Leah Darrow's book "The Other Side of Beauty" she gives a really beautiful quote: "Who are you wearing? Are you wearing Christ or the world?"

We sometimes forget how much of an impact our physical presentation can have. Immediately I was brought to the word MODESTY.

Man! Does that word ever have a lot of baggage surrounding it!

When we think of modesty, I remember the first thing that would come to my mind was completely covered up, head to toe, no style, very plain, basically boring. Oh how I was so wrong!

Modesty is all about presenting ourselves in a light that respects our dignity but also reflects our beauty! You can totally be fashionable, beautiful and modest! In fact, I would like to argue that modesty accentuates our feminine beauty more than clothing that reveals.

Today, when you leave the house take a moment to look in the mirror and ask yourself, does your clothing reflect your true inner beauty while respecting your dignity?

Walking Together, Sandra

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