True Feminism

I LOVE being a woman. And if you ask me, true feminism is exactly that: loving being a woman.

Nowadays, though, it feels like the feminist movement exists to diminish the differences between men and women; to prove that a woman can do everything and anything that a man can.

The truth is, I don't want that. In fact, I find that offensive. The truth is that men and woman are equal, but DIFFERENT. I don't want to be more like a man or do the things a man can do, because I have unique qualities and gifts that are specifically for us women. I feel empowered embracing those traits and qualities; embracing my beautiful and unique gift of femininity.

Women have the ability to create new life; every single person on this earth came to existence through a woman. Women are nurturers, gentle, and natural born homemakers. Home is truly where a woman is. Women also have this incredible ability to use their words to describe their thoughts and emotions which I love. There is so much that a woman is and can do that is unique, empowering, and beautiful. The feminine COMPLETES the masculine to create a union that resembles God Himself; each half unique and intentionally willed by the Lord in creating both man and woman.

I would never trade any of those things to be more like a man. Femininity is a gift from God Himself that I choose to embrace for the rest of my life.

And to me, that is what feminism is all about.

You are all beautiful and wonderful, women. Thank you for being here.

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