True Connection

"Do you have WiFi here?" "What's the WiFi password?" "I can't connect to the internet!"

We live in a world that constantly wants to be 'connected' and somehow the answer to this desire has been met by having access to the internet. At the touch of our finger, we know all the latest news in the entire world in live time, we can check our social media feeds, the weather, the answer to a question we've been pondering, and we can talk to our friends and family. One may say that without WiFi our lives wouldn't look the same and they wouldn't due to how dependent we have become on it.

Is there, though, a wireless connection more important?

The answer is yes.

Prayer is the most important 'wireless connection' the world has and ever will see. It gives us direct access to a heavenly realm that desires so deeply to support us and love us through the trials and tribulations of life as well as all the other moments. Somehow, though, this connection has been placed on a back burner.

Our Lord is yearning for us to turn to Him, to tell us what is on our hearts. All it takes is for us to tune in through prayer. We only must now make it a priority in our lives.

How connected are you? Is there another connection in your life that is taking priority over the one met through prayer?

If so, today strive to set aside a specific amount of time and dedicate it to God in prayer. He is always there, waiting for you.

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